30 days until GC 2012, 387 days until GC 2013 !!

by Jean on May 8, 2012

It is that time of year again …  Canyon Crunch Time.  Excited!

Hikers for 2012 have ramped up their training for the final 30 day push.  I am seeing the reports of multiple marathons, long preparation hikes, and warrior dashes (for fun) from the group.  Good job mixing up your training!  My numerous e-mails keep going out with our countdown, and reminders to check equipment lists and to start buying the last of the little items.  KEEP READING THEM!!!!  While I often remind the group of the dangerous nature of the hike, I also talk about smaller yet important things like moleskin, band-aids, and fresh Advil that is not expired left over from last year!

Personally, I am on my fourth pair of training shoes for this year.  I am having a difficult time getting the right fit.  Make sure to try out your equipment and train with it.  You do not want to learn 10 miles into the Canyon that your fully loaded backpack’s weight is not falling on your hips.  Try to mix up your cardio and have fun during these last few weeks leading up to the hike.  I have added Bikram Yoga (“hot yoga”) into my training in an effort to prepare for the extreme heat we will find in the “box” on the first day of the hike and in the river sand on the second day of the hike.  I am always searching for new ways to be ready for the Grand Canyon.

The dates and details for GC 2013 have been sent to the master list of potential hikers.  I have heard from many of you already that you are planning to book 2013 as soon as it opens up.

See you soon!

GC Jean

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