R2R2R 2016 commit or quit

Hello Grand Canyon 2016 hikers,
This is not for River Rafters, see ya’all soon.
So, it is time for the r2r2r prep. Commit or quit.  Pretty much commit to getting into the best shape … or do not.  And please do not attempt to hike with us if you can’t make your physical endurance your priority, and if you can’t make us a priority, then please do not hike and please decline the invite now.  Because if you endanger you, you will endanger all of us.
I don’t have a final death count for 2015 but here goes some:
2/13/15:  73 year old dies on day hike Phantom to Ribbon falls (less than 1/3 of out day in one day).
6/25/15:  36 hiker dies on the Devils Corkscrew, Bright Angel (“The easy trail”).
7/3/15:  17 year old football star died hiking with his two brothers on in the Box, Bright Angel Canyon.
8/25/15:  51 year old hiker dies falling off a cliff, US Geoligical Survey.
9/14/15:  21 year old, lightening strike, South Kaibab at Ooh-Ahh-Point.  (a bathroom stop of ours)
9/24/15:  46 year old, 12 miles into a R2R North Kaibab.
I am not proud nor am I a super athlete and wow I struggle, but I have the luxury of pulling my old self outta there for 15 years and a ton is mental.  New hikers, I’m sorry, you must be damn physically strong until you learn my game and can deal with the panic when you can[t just quit if you need to.  This year South to North was a 17 hour odyssey.  The full moon started at 3 AM and when it set, at 8 PM, and we had been walking the whole damn time it was so depressing but we were healthy and fine and good.  The stress, the strain, is hard.
I am limiting the 2016 hiking group, for many reasons.
R2R2R 2016:
South Rim lodging is through Xanterra, www.xanterra.com,  888-297-2757
    (El Tovar, Bright Angel, Thunderbird, or Kachina lodges)
North Rim lodging is through Forever Resorts, www.foreverresorts.com, 877-386-4383

The deal, same as always: current GC hikers may only invite 1 Newbie to hike with you next year, and if you invite them you train them and hike will hike with them the whole way.  The wait list will go in the order you RSVP and pay for your rooms.  No holding spots.  Please confirm with me after you have booked your rooms so I may track capacity.

The full R2R2R 2016 schedule:
Thursday = arrive in PHX.  Dinner at 5 pm.
Friday = South Rim
Saturday = North Rim
Sunday = North Rim
Monday = South Rim
Tuesday = go home.  After 6 pm.  No early flights.
I have a wait list.  If you want to be on, let me know.