55 days out, time for equipment check and fear

by Jean on April 6, 2013

New Pack and Practice Hill

55 days out from the hike … and I am checking and re-checking all of my equipment.  After 9 years and countless miles together, I had to retire my old Camelbak (insert sad face here) and I picked up their Adventura model.   I guess I should shop more than once a decade because the upgraded torso straps are very comfy, and I think the padded bottom strap is more stable (insert happy face here).  I have loaded her down with my old Black’s Law Dictionary and being dead weight seems like a great job for that old book.  Ha!

All of the arrangements and reservations have been made, and now it is time to push towards the goal.  The summer heat has already set in, which always reminds me that we will soon be up at the Grand Canyon.  Ah, the fear is settling in …

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