11 days out!

by Jean on May 19, 2013

R2R2R 2013 is about to kick off!

The North Rim opened on May 15th, and I’ve been stalking the NPS Grand Canyon Back Country website for updates.  If you are hiking below the Rim in the Grand Canyon, you should go to that site and read about trail conditions, hiking tips, and get up to date info both in planning a trip and leading up to your hike.   I get a little nervous when they turn the inner corridor water ON for the year.  So far, so good.  Water is reported to be flowing at all water stops, even Supai Tunnel.

I was going to post a photo of Supai Tunnel on our Facebook page last night, and realized I don’t have one single photo of it.  After 10 years of eagerly watching for it on the way up, I don’t have a single Kodak moment to share.  I think I’m always too tired on the way up the North to mess with the camera after the Pumphouse, and it is still dark when we pass through it early in the morning headed back to the South.   The Supai Tunnel is not scenic (and I’ve hit my head on the ledge up by the bathrooms more times than I care to admit) – but you know you are on the home stretch going South to North.  Just one more Empire State Building left to climb.

This week has been full of last minute errands like ordering new glasses,  getting a haircut, and replacing old hiking clothes that no longer wick.  The small stuff.  This week has also had it’s share of reminders that life needs to be lived fully, that these ARE the good days, and there is no time to waste.   Two more young patients started my husband’s nutritional treatment for pancreatic and brain cancer, a friend is in Assisted Living after a fall, a family member is seeking treatment that I fear will do him harm, and I went the funeral of a fantastic man.

So as I look ahead and wonder if I can make it all the way across the Grand Canyon after 6 months of foot issues, I know that I only live my life fully when I step on that trail and push on.  I can’t wait!!!

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