Hiking Eve, Eve, Eve …

by Jean on May 28, 2013

It is almost hike time!

I am knee deep in last minute checks:  battery on headlamp, water bladder in the Camelbak, dinner reservations, emergency duct tape around the base of my hiking poles, new glasses, sending the Schedule to the hikers … and of course the yearly payment on my life insurance policy.  I am not kidding.

The weather forecast looks great.  0% chance of rain, temps right below 100 at Phantom, and crisp night time temps on the Rims.  Perfect.

Water reminder Day #1 – South to North Kaibab Trail, there are only 4.  Fill up to the max at each place:

Your first water stop is 7.4 miles down, at Phantom Ranch at the bottom on canyon.  Next water is 6.8 miles away at Cottonwood, then 1.4 miles to Pumphouse, then 3.7 miles to Supai Tunnel.  At Supai Tunnel you are 1.7 miles from the Rim!

-Water reminder Day #2 – North Kaibab to Bright Angel Trail.  Fill up to the max at each place:

-North Kaibab trail:  Your first water stops is at Supai Tunnel, at 1.7 miles down.  Next water is in 3.7 miles at Pumphouse, then another 1.4 miles to Cottonwood, then 6.8 miles to Phantom Ranch. 

-Bright Angel Trail:  Fill to the max at Phantom – next water is 5.1 miles away at Indian Gardens and this is the hottest part of the trip IN SAND by the river.  After Indian Gardens your next water is 1.8 miles away at the “Three Mile Resthouse”, then 1.4 miles to the “Mile and ½ Resthouse”, then 1.6 miles to the Rim. 

See you soon  in beautiful Arizona!



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