Canyon Dreaming – R2R2R and The River

by Jean on January 30, 2015

Hat and River

Today I sat at my desk and finally dug through papers since November.  Yep, November.  And I must admit it felt nice to catch up but my mind was 350 miles away … at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

My first love is the R2R2R, no lie.  I can’t wait to wonder when the Supai Tunnel will magically appear on a dusty summer say.  Or I can’t wait to see a tourist on Bright Angel, that means the top is within reach.

But an increasing love of mine is the Colorado River, until recently for me a beautiful green ribbon through our trek.  But 100 miles from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch on the river last year cured all of that.  Wow.  I get it.

If you can hike the Grand Canyon, great.  If you can whitewater raft it, good for you!  They were the most relaxing days I have ever spent.  No phones, no electricity, no fire, no deadlines, no illusion that we control anything about our lives except the next rapids around the bend.  I wasn’t hungry, tired, or thirsty.  I took a ton of beer but didn’t want it and I never got a buzz – there wasn’t anything to come down from.    Rejoining civilization and all the noise, lights, and pollution made me feel odd.  It was pure peace down there.

So today I am looking forward to the end of a 24 mile day, or a 50 mile weekend, with my friends in less than 4 months.  But I know I will be on the river weeks before that and I just, can’t, wait.

So if you get to vote whether to save the Confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River – SAVE IT.  It is magical, spiritual, and in my personal opinion any development would destroy it forever.  Leave it be.

I have to go buy new hiking shoes, some hiking poles (bent mine),  and replace my bladder filters (no doubt some alien is growing in there since last summer).  See you on the trails, much work to be done.



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