75 days out, WTB? (what the blister?!)

by Jean on March 14, 2015


A blister is not what you want to see when you are 75 days away from an R2R2R hike.

Practice hike in the shoes you want to wear at the Canyon in the months leading up to the hike.  And ever don’t try to make bad shoes “work”.  Want to try different socks a couple of times?  Sure.  But if the shoes aren’t perfect just toss them and don’t look back.

The trails in the canyon are rocky and sandy.  Your feet will twist and turn in ways that don’t happen on smooth pavement or in the comfort of your gym.  Your feet will get hot and swell.  New (bad bad bad) things will happen inside your trusted shoes.

And those little blisters are the things that make your hike not just uncomfortable – but miserable.  They can cut the return R2R day off of your adventure because that little thing feels like broken glass in your shoe.  When you get more than one blister going on at one time it is “SON-OF-A-BISCUIT” bad.

So tomorrow we are going shopping … again.


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