3 months until we hike !

by Jean on February 27, 2016

OH BOY, 3 months until our feet hit the trail for R2R2R 2016.  Several of us will be down there in a couple of months for some inner canyon hiking, hard to believe we may hike in or out on snow.   I’ll post after we get back on trail and water conditions.  And then a month or so later we will be roasting in over 100 – 110 degree temps.   Love it.

I am on my yearly quest for better hiking shoes (always take 2 pairs just in case your “good” pair turns “bad”).  Have not found them yet!

I’ve added Vagal Nerve Stimulation this year to cut down on inflammation, so I am very excited to see what it does for my abilities and recovery this year.  Last year, hiking soon after a heat stroke, was a challenge but I am all better and my tests are normal.   Ready to go!

So excited to hike again soon, this is the highlight of each year.

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