North Rim opens May 15, we hike in 3 weeks !!

by Jean on May 13, 2016

Nothing kicks off summer like the opening of the North Rim for the annual 6 month summer season.  I can’t wait to return in 3 weeks.

For those of you headed into the inner canyon soon – it is going to be HOT this year.  I mean double dog diggity hot.  Today was 104 in Phoenix which is P.D.H. for May 12th.  The temps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon mirror Phoenix.

I have not posted much lately because we have been in the Grand Canyon on another amazing whitewater raft trip.  I’m so happy about that.  It gave us a chance to almost die hiking Thunder River Trail (not kidding, we all ran out of water and a 6 mile hike ended up as an 8.5 mile hike where we rose and fell the same 500 feet about 4 times … and we never reached our destination), slept under the stars, touch the Great Unconformity (where 1.2 billion years of rock is missing in the Grand Canyon), see waterfalls, slept outside in 2 sandstorms, did slot canyons in water where I had to swim,





Mile 150

and meet a whole bunch of awesome hikers and boaters who all love the Canyon.   And we lived for a week without power, phones, and stress.

I tried out my hiking shoes (failed), new socks, and other gear.  A wonderful hiking prep and BY FAR the only way to see the Grand Canyon.

My hiking group will return to hike r2r2r in 3 weeks and I’m so very excited.  Because no matter how pretty the place is, the people you are with either make it or break it for you.  True.

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