The Trail is Open Again – Great Job Park Employees !

by Jean on June 3, 2012

Fantastic news, the transcanyon trail is back open!  We can R2R2R!  There is still not water at Cottonwood or Roaring Springs so bring your water filter systems no matter what.

A big “Thank You” to all the National Park Employees who put up a temporary fix 6 days ahead of schedule, and within 2 days of a major problem.

According to the NPS press release yesterday a temporary route through the damaged section of the North Kaibab Trail between Roaring Springs and Cottonwood has been built, however it is very narrow and hazardous conditions exist so extreme caution should be used when hiking in that area.

We also were warned that as trail crews work on the trail and pipeline additional temporary closures will be necessary and delays could occur for hikers on this section of trail. These temporary short-term closures could occur with little or no advance notice so we have be to patient and prepared.

Drinking water will not be available at Roaring Springs or Cottonwood Campground until the pipeline is repaired. Hikers must be prepared to access and chemically treat or filter creek water.

This is such great news!



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