Nothing kicks off summer like the opening of the North Rim for the annual 6 month summer season.  I can’t wait to return in 3 weeks.

For those of you headed into the inner canyon soon – it is going to be HOT this year.  I mean double dog diggity hot.  Today was 104 in Phoenix which is P.D.H. for May 12th.  The temps at the bottom of the Grand Canyon mirror Phoenix.

I have not posted much lately because we have been in the Grand Canyon on another amazing whitewater raft trip.  I’m so happy about that.  It gave us a chance to almost die hiking Thunder River Trail (not kidding, we all ran out of water and a 6 mile hike ended up as an 8.5 mile hike where we rose and fell the same 500 feet about 4 times … and we never reached our destination), slept under the stars, touch the Great Unconformity (where 1.2 billion years of rock is missing in the Grand Canyon), see waterfalls, slept outside in 2 sandstorms, did slot canyons in water where I had to swim,





Mile 150

and meet a whole bunch of awesome hikers and boaters who all love the Canyon.   And we lived for a week without power, phones, and stress.

I tried out my hiking shoes (failed), new socks, and other gear.  A wonderful hiking prep and BY FAR the only way to see the Grand Canyon.

My hiking group will return to hike r2r2r in 3 weeks and I’m so very excited.  Because no matter how pretty the place is, the people you are with either make it or break it for you.  True.

3 months until we hike !

by Jean on February 27, 2016

OH BOY, 3 months until our feet hit the trail for R2R2R 2016.  Several of us will be down there in a couple of months for some inner canyon hiking, hard to believe we may hike in or out on snow.   I’ll post after we get back on trail and water conditions.  And then a month or so later we will be roasting in over 100 – 110 degree temps.   Love it.

I am on my yearly quest for better hiking shoes (always take 2 pairs just in case your “good” pair turns “bad”).  Have not found them yet!

I’ve added Vagal Nerve Stimulation this year to cut down on inflammation, so I am very excited to see what it does for my abilities and recovery this year.  Last year, hiking soon after a heat stroke, was a challenge but I am all better and my tests are normal.   Ready to go!

So excited to hike again soon, this is the highlight of each year.

17.5 inches of snow on South Rim – Just WOW

by Jean on January 14, 2016

Why hello, my neglected blog.  I promise to update you soon as the 2016 R2R2R summer season rapidly approaches and my hiking once again becomes a priority.  We did escape recently on a trek up to see the 17.5 inch snowfall at the South Rim that fell over a 2 day period last week.  To think that in 5 short months it will be well over 100 degrees is difficult to do when standing on such arctic ground cover.

I’ve never seen this much snow there.  I could peer over and see snow covering the bathroom roof and rock ledge down at the 3 Mile Resthouse down Bright Angel Trail.  I could also look into the upper “box” canyon from Phantom going towards Cottonwood and snow was visible on the lower levels where the box opens closer to the approx Ribbon Falls (?) area.  So much of the North Rim was white.  It was … well … a winter wonderland-spectacular kind of view.

Enjoy!  Grand Canyon Jean

IMG_4717 IMG_4728 IMG_4747 IMG_4858 IMG_4865


Winter Crampon Warning

Rule #1.  Educate yourself about current conditions.

If you aren’t a geek like me watching the National Park Service News Releases … well, you should.

Once you step below the Rim you’d better darn skippy have water to drink or a water source to drink from.  Or you, well, you die.  Pretty clear, yes?  Want to learn, yes?

This time of year is dicey anyway, they close the North Rim and everything is shut off from Cottonwood to North Rim – because there is nothing there but 100 miles of snow and nothing else.

But you can’t take water elsewhere for granted because the pipeline gets fixed and turned off ALL THE TIME.  Like now.

If you are hiking soon, or hiking ever, check out the NPS back country critical updates or the NPS news releases for water updates.  For today, the news is on

That means:  “Drinking water will be unavailable at Bright Angel and Cottonwood campgrounds, Roaring Springs, and Manzanita Rest Area (formerly Pumphouse Residence) during the shutdown. Day hikers and backpackers should be prepared to carry all drinking water or be able to treat creek water for drinking.

The TCP shutdown will not affect 1 1/2-Mile Resthouse, 3-Mile Resthouse, and Indian Garden on the Bright Angel Trail or Supai Tunnel on the North Kaibab Trail.”

Water is off and there has not been a water-back-on update yet.  You can call them too, at the Backcountry office 928.638.7875.

Hike smart or stay home, really.


Dream Come True, a Visit to GC … upper 80’s years old

October 11, 2015

It was a wonderful week at the Grand Canyon.  A couple of upper 80 year olds saw where a daughter Rim to Rim to Rims.  This was a first peek at the spectacular South Rim.  After dinner at the El Tovar, in the darkness of night, we looked into the inky blackness and we saw […]

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June 2015 R2R2R. Whew.

August 19, 2015

June 2015 R2R2R.  48.3 miles in 2 days according to the GPS, 20,000 feet elevation change, 100+ degrees. This post is a little late for several reasons, most of all because I’ve been recovering from the trip (!), work (!!), and a mini-stroke concussion (!!!) of sorts. Our R2R2R 2015 hike was a success.  24 […]

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Snow on North Rim – on Memorial Day Weekend !!

May 23, 2015

This photo was taken Friday night (yesterday) on the North Rim.  5/22/15.  There is nothing like kicking off summer with a little winter, eh? Total wardrobe change. On day one, hiking Rim to Rim going South Rim to North Rim, you hit the tall pines around the Supai Tunnel.  That is when I notice the […]

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Wicking Sports Apparel Failure – Overheated – Repeated Yawning

April 30, 2015

Did my efforts to stay cool and dry in a high performance wicking tank make me sick, fatigued, bloated, dizzy – and spike my neurological testing?  I think so. I bought a tight fitting tank top to hike in, it sounded like a warm weather hiker’s dream tank.  It has special high performance fabric that […]

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75 days out, WTB? (what the blister?!)

March 14, 2015

A blister is not what you want to see when you are 75 days away from an R2R2R hike. Practice hike in the shoes you want to wear at the Canyon in the months leading up to the hike.  And ever don’t try to make bad shoes “work”.  Want to try different socks a couple of […]

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Canyon Dreaming – R2R2R and The River

January 30, 2015

Today I sat at my desk and finally dug through papers since November.  Yep, November.  And I must admit it felt nice to catch up but my mind was 350 miles away … at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. My first love is the R2R2R, no lie.  I can’t wait to wonder when the […]

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