A Change of Season in the Canyon

by Jean on October 11, 2012

Ahhh, the month of October.  College football games, Halloween … and the closing of the North Rim for the winter!  It will reopen just 2 weeks before the GC 2013 hike.  Another season has turned the corner.

As you might guess, a couple of my Apps monitor the Grand Canyon.  Geek alert!  Tomorrow the temperatures at the South Rim will be a high of 54, and a low of 23.  Brrr!  Only 4 months ago the group was hiking in 120 degree blistering heat.  When you live in the lower plateaus of the desert southwest you don’t have the extreme change of seasons that we had back in the midwest, and I do not feel the time passing like I used to.

I also downloaded the free American Red Cross Earthquake App.  Uh, a little scary.  It is a fascinating App where you can pull up past earthquake activity in a 250 mile radius from whatever locations you monitor.  I am monitoring the Grand Canyon now, naturally.  The history pulls up 31 past earthquakes at or just south of the South Rim.  This is nothing compared to the history of 738 that the San Fransisco location pulls up, but it was still surprising.

There is no earthquake history for the KU or K-State areas, so go enjoy your gorgeous fall football weather all you Kansas fans.

I’ll see you in 231 days.



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