GC 2013 Roll Call for New Hikers !!!

by Jean on December 23, 2012

GC 2013 Roll Call for Newbie Hikers,
While your friends and family are snapping holiday photos of you … pick one and send it to me so we can update this site.
Also if you have not talked to me in the past month (or at all) – I need for everyone to contact me and confirm if you still intend to hike in 2013 and tell me who your “Veteran Hiker Mentor” is.   If you do not have an active Veteran Hiker Mentor who is already helping you with equipment and training tips – – – then I need to start talking to you ASAP to get you on board.
It is critical that all hikers are properly trained and prepared, and I need your reply so that I can reserve vans and make other reservations in Arizona.  Most importantly, I will not allow any hikers to come on this trip who don’t make the necessary commitments now, because your life and the safety of the entire group depends on it.

Happy Holidays, we hike in 158 days!

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