102 days out … I am feeling the butterflies!

by Jean on February 17, 2013

Hat and River

We are 102 days away from GC 2013!  If you have not read the updated Training Tips lately, go back to the home page and scroll down for it down on the right column.  There will be a quiz at the Meeting in 2 weeks how many Empire State Building elevation equivalents it is from the river to the trail heads.  You should also be checking your email for info on booking flights and Tapatio Cliffs.  This is your last chance to make the commitment to yourself to train, and then push hard.

I don’t know what is worse, not knowing how hard this hike is … or knowing how hard the hike is and knowing you are not ready for it yet!  One thing is certain, I am very excited to hike.  I look forward to seeing people’s faces the first time they see the Canyon just as much as I love hearing returning hikers say how fantastic this R2R2R experience makes them feel.  For 5 days it will not matter who anyone is or what they do or what day it is … all that matters is that they are here and they will walk away with new friends and memories that last a lifetime.

See you soon!



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