3 weeks from now …

by Jean on May 12, 2013

Three weeks from now we will be enjoying a quiet day on the North Rim.  Nursing blistered and bruised feet, smelling the pines and maybe even some Icy-Hot on sore muscles, enjoying our fireplaces, and kicking back with the traditional Bloody Marys at high noon.

Everyone should be doing final prep:

1.  Complete equipment and gear check.

2.  Travel Tips:  Pack all essential hiking gear in your Carry-On bag.  Even if you have a direct flight, do not trust the airlines!

3.  Buy and pack the small stuff:  Moleskin, Advil, band-aids, etc and load up your backpack.  See how much room it all takes PLUS your food.

4.  If you want to see updated weather, water, and trail conditions you can go to “NPS Grand Canyon Back Country”.  I’m checking this every day now (yes, I’m a GC Geek).  The North Rim opens on May 15th, the weather has been rainy, and all the water in the corridor is on except for Supai Tunnel.

5.  Contact me with any questions!!!

See  you soon

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