Great Exercise for Downhill Training

by Patrick The Rim Wrangler on April 14, 2010

This is one to add to your routine TODAY! There are 2 variations to this. The first requires an elliptical, while the second requires a treadmill. If you have an elliptical at your disposal, use it like you normally would except instead of pedaling forward, simply pedal backwards. If you already elliptical in this fashion, you’ll need to increase the resistance considerably in order to force your body to adapt to a new stimulus. The second variation is my preferred method and one I highly recommend.

Approach the treadmill as you normally would, except DO NOT turn the machine on. Turn around so you aren’t facing the display of the treadmill and hold on to the handle bars. Now, lean back slightly, start stepping and pushing forward in order to propel the treadmill surface manually with your legs. Keep pushing and hanging on and notice a killer burn in your Quads. Stop if you need to but only for a short time. Repeat this on/off for 5 minutes at least 3 days per week, and then gradually increase your minutes.

These exercises incorporate what are called eccentric contractions, which are exactly what we’ll be experiencing during the vertical decent portion of the canyon. Add these exercises to your regime and you will be prepared for this most challenging traverse.


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