Dream Come True, a Visit to GC … upper 80’s years old

by Jean on October 11, 2015


It was a wonderful week at the Grand Canyon.  A couple of upper 80 year olds saw where a daughter Rim to Rim to Rims.  This was a first peek at the spectacular South Rim.  After dinner at the El Tovar, in the darkness of night, we looked into the inky blackness and we saw the singular light on North Rim.   We saw the Milky Way, deer, raccoon, and a ring tail cat.  I told the same old story, on the Rim to Rim we hike across the Grand Canyon and then 7 miles beyond the light.  Then, only then, does it really seem far away.   And then, only then, does an experience I have tried to explain for years finally make sense.  Best road trip – ever.

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