17.5 inches of snow on South Rim – Just WOW

by Jean on January 14, 2016

Why hello, my neglected blog.  I promise to update you soon as the 2016 R2R2R summer season rapidly approaches and my hiking once again becomes a priority.  We did escape recently on a trek up to see the 17.5 inch snowfall at the South Rim that fell over a 2 day period last week.  To think that in 5 short months it will be well over 100 degrees is difficult to do when standing on such arctic ground cover.

I’ve never seen this much snow there.  I could peer over and see snow covering the bathroom roof and rock ledge down at the 3 Mile Resthouse down Bright Angel Trail.  I could also look into the upper “box” canyon from Phantom going towards Cottonwood and snow was visible on the lower levels where the box opens closer to the approx Ribbon Falls (?) area.  So much of the North Rim was white.  It was … well … a winter wonderland-spectacular kind of view.

Enjoy!  Grand Canyon Jean

IMG_4717 IMG_4728 IMG_4747 IMG_4858 IMG_4865

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