Hello Hikers, 3 Weeks and Counting

by Patrick The Rim Wrangler on May 2, 2010

Hello Hikers!

3 weeks from tonight we will be watching the sun set off the back porch of the North Rim Lodge!  I just went to www.r2r2r.org, and the web cam shows it is 43 degrees on the South, and it will be colder on the North!!

Now is the time to go over your list to see what else you need.  Check your batteries on your headlamps. Fill your asthma inhalers.  Print off your room reservations (especially for the North), plane confirmation numbers, etc.

I double checked my poles and one is not locking in place, so I ordered new poles today.  I also went to Costco and while I am normally a powered Gatorade girl, bought some “Zipfizz”.  The in-store presenters said that it has more electrolytes than Gatorade.  Has anyone tried this?  I also stocked up on Advil.

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