2010 done, 2011 ahead

by Jean on June 1, 2010

Hello 2011 Hikers !
Yes, after 30 minutes of calling Xanterra and no calls went through,  I booked on line too. 
I am so excited by how many of you have already booked for 2011.  Your appreciation and overwhelming enthsiasm for my GC trip is humbling, and while I had hoped all of you would love it and “get it” I was overwhelmed with the depth of the personal experience felt by all in 2010.  This place has spoken to me since I first saw it and you know that I spend my year talking it up and finding the right people to go.  It is physical, mental, and social.   2010 was amazing, I don’t know if it was the W’s Bloody Mary Sunday  or just the magic of a group of dynamic and motivated people that pushed it from good to flipping incredible.  And, no one hates me for putting them through it  (that I know of), no one called me  bad name,  and the tough lessons that only this trip can provide meant something unique to us all.  I am so proud of all of you, you are so strong and accomplished.  We did, let the record reflect, own it.
We must welcome to the group Abby and Sal, rookies who have booked.  As we say, “Book it like you stole it!” !!       I know r2r this has been a great experience for me to get to know my friends as well as my family and we look forward to knowing you both when you are tired, sore, hot, and hate me.  We truly don’t see the inside of us all until we are 4 miles from the Rim and we want to be DONE.  On that note, a big welcome to the rookies. 
Don’t be shy about contacting Milo the best Rim Wrangler (and hiker for 2011) you could ever want to post 2010 photos. 
I put the bread down today at lunch, I did not want to “hike it out” so I am officially launched for 2011,
GC Jean

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