88 river miles and a week of Grand Canyon hiking!

by Jean on May 3, 2014

Jean on Tanner Hill

We did something a little different this month – an Upper Canyon Trip.  88 river miles (whitewater) on the Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch.  This included morning and afternoon hikes into side canyons, up to waterfalls, saw ancient ruins, and on the last day we hiked 8 miles from Pipe Creek up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

I loved hiking in the Grand Canyon before, but this was beyond spectacular and a completely different experience.  This photo of me is from a day hike, we were watching a group of rafters go through this small rapid, around mile 68.

R2R2R is a test of physical and mental endurance.  Sleeping under the stars in the Grand Canyon when you haven’t seen a phone, computer, or even a fire in a week?  Relaxing.  A week on the river off the treadmill of everyday life?  A total life reboot and recharge.  Our outfitter, Hatch Expeditions, was exceptional.

Another Grand Canyon whitewater trip in our future between R2R2R hikes?  ABSOLUTELY YES.


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